Decarbonization and substitution of natural gas: how biomethane can change Ukraine

Biomethane will take the most powerful place among renewable gases

The EcoCommittee supported the creation of a national register of emissions

This will help the state monitor the generation of emissions and the transfer of pollutants in time and space

A plan to reduce gas consumption by 15% came into effect in the EU

Hungary, which relies on gas from russia, demanded an exception
The damage from a fire at a chocolate factory during the occupation

Case materials and calculations were handed over to law enforcement agencies

Austria will receive €76 million for a just climate transition

The plan will create employment and mitigate job losses linked to the green transition

Many countries will suffer from the war's consequences, in particular the russian federation

Temperature swings await Ukrainians – against the backdrop of a warm winter, abnormally cold frosty periods will break through

A nine floors building was insulated for UAH 6.8 million despite the war. Photos before and after

The declared annual reduction of carbon emissions reaches 135.9 tons
The damage to the nature of Ukraine from one russian tank

Ten-ton equipment compacts the soil to a depth of 60 cm, and the tank weighs about 40 tons

Nuclear power plants will work during the heat, despite the threat to nature in France

In France, almost half of the reactors are out of service due to corrosion and maintenance problems

How to protect yourselve in case of radiation danger

It is unacceptable to take potassium iodide for prevention unnecessarily, because it can harm health

The energy crisis will cause an increase in prices for carbon emissions in the EU – analysts

A decline in industrial production in Europe could reduce demand for permits