All conclusions of EIA issued during the war may be canceled after one formal reason, says Lyudmila Tsyganok

According to environmentalists, since the beginning of the war there has been an extremely noticeable mismatch in the actions of the authorities

Ukraine refused state expertise on energy saving

The Cabinet of Ministers canceled obsolete administrative tools for energy saving

UWEA proposed steps to revive RES in Ukraine

The current level of payment for SES and WPPs is only 15% -16%, which only covers the critical costs for the existence of RES stations themselves.

Russia's gas and nuclear lobbying threatens the EU's energy independence, – Greenpeace

Russia could earn an additional € 4 billion a year from expanding its gas capacity

In Ivano-Frankivsk region, the company paid UAH 8.8 UAH million in fines accrued to SEI

These funds go to state and local environmental funds, where they are directed to environmental measures

Ukraine introduced special marking of equipment in accordance with EU requirements

So consumers will receive a range of energy-efficient appliances

Danes want to build Europe's largest electrolyser plant

The Topsoe plant will initially have an annual capacity of 500 MW

China triples investment in solar energy to $4.3 billion

This figure is 204% higher than the same period last year

Agrarians criticized organic farming amid a possible food crisis

Agriculture needs available fertilizers and fuel