Ecological policy of Ukraine during the four months of the war: achievements, failures and pitfalls

In Ukraine, the Ministry of Environmental Protection may be liquidated

The EU has agreed on common approaches to reducing emissions and their impact

The Council approved a proposal to phase out free benefits for CBAM-related sectors from 2026 to 2035

EU energy ministers have approved laws on energy conservation and the promotion of RES

The EU is working on reforms to reduce emissions by 55% from 1990 levels by the end of the decade

"How are you different from the occupier": rescuers continue to put out fires from arson

Burning of dead wood is prohibited in Ukraine, and arson is punishable by a fine

Methane emissions continue to increase, - the study

Methane emissions for the first quarter of 2022 exceeded emissions in the fourth quarter of 2019 before the pandemic
A large floating SES was launched at the US military base

Float electricity can enhance a smart renewable energy program
A thunderstorm fell and broke hundreds of trees in Kyiv. Photo

The effects of the storm began to be eliminated immediately after the storm stopped

Europe has bought half of solar module exports in China since the beginning of the year

Volumes of supplies to Europe exceeded last year's figure by 144%

Why hydrogen is gaining popularity worldwide, - experts' opinions

Most countries in the world emit hydrogen as one of the key elements in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from energy consumption