Local deputies supported the construction of wind turbines in the Runa valley shutterstock

Local deputies supported the construction of wind turbines in the Runa valley

Anna Velyka

Activists, in turn, declared that they would continue to fight for this area of ​​the highlands

On May 23, 14 deputies of the Turya-Remeta village council voted to grant permission to build wind turbines in the Runa meadow.

This was reported by mukachevo.net and activists of the NGO Save Pikuy, who have been opposing the construction and destruction of the ecosystems of the Ukrainian Carpathians for years.

Of the 24 members of the village council, 14 voted in favor, while the rest voted against, abstained, or were absent from the session.

The construction of 30 wind turbines on 200 hectares of highlands will be carried out by Wind Parks of Ukraine LLC. However, the investor not only did not provide the community with any specifics on the project "Detailed Plan of the Polonyna Runa tract for the construction of a wind farm," but also did not offer an alternative location, as required by law.

Residents and environmental activists also did not receive any responses to the comments and suggestions they had submitted regarding the construction of this facility. The manager of the wind energy company simply promised to take into account the position of people who opposed the concrete construction of the meadow for the wind farm.

It is worth noting that the vast majority of local residents and the Zakarpattia community supported the development of wind energy and the placement of wind turbines in the community, but suggested changing the location.

After all, the community is not satisfied with the consequences that construction on this high-mountainous area will entail. For the construction of windmills, it is necessary to attract a significant amount of large-sized equipment, for which it will be necessary to lay kilometers of roads. Creating the foundation of a wind turbine involves the removal and removal of hundreds of tons of soil, which can also lead to soil erosion and damage to aquifers. And this is not to mention other negative consequences of the impact on the wildlife of the unique Carpathian highlands.

Earlier, the Turye-Remety community had twice refused to allow the company to place equipment in the Runa valley, citing the destruction of the ecosystem and natural mountain landscape as reasons for this decision. And now it turns out that the investor has found some weighty "arguments" to get a positive decision...

As EcoPolitic wrote in February, environmental activists of the Save Pikuy NGO announced the disruption of public hearings on the construction of a wind farm in the Runa valley. The event was attended by more than 150 local residents and people from other communities of Zakarpattia, members of the tourist community, environmentalists, and scientists. But the developer and its lobbyists in the village council turned the hearings into a farce.