At this conference, everything was different, because the last four months have completely changed security and the world economic order due to Russia's armed aggression towards Ukraine.
But the recovery and reconstruction plan must be developed and approved today.
The ecological component was presented by the Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, Ruslan Strelets. The main goal of post-war reconstruction is a clean and safe environment in unison with the "Green Deal".
Today, as part of the visit, the two Governments of Ukraine and Switzerland signed an agreement on joint intentions for the implementation of the Paris Agreement, in particular, it refers to the implementation of market mechanisms of the climate agreement and the creation of conditions for the development of "green" business in Ukraine.
The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi also drew attention to the importance of restoring and improving the state of the environment in his daily evening address: "Rebuilding Ukraine is not just restoring the walls that we had and that were destroyed by shelling. Ukraine must become the freest, most modern and most a safe country in Europe - in all senses, in particular, regarding the state of our environment."
Separately, the President of Ukraine emphasized the importance of attracting investments in the waste processing industry:
"In our country, for a very long time, the issue of environmental protection was neglected, and it's not just about what to do with garbage: it's about safety, about the quality of life. We need at least 25 advanced and modern waste processing plants. They can also provide energy , and secondary raw materials, and finally a solution to the age-old problem of landfills and waste landfills."
Therefore, the restoration of the country on ecological grounds is something that is an urgent need of the population of Ukraine, this is what the country's leadership tells partner countries and investors about.
And this is what we say together with the President: "We are sure we will do it!"