After Zelenskyi's meeting with the Prime Minister of Sweden, the President announced that it is necessary to build at least 25 modern waste processing plants in Ukraine (this is 25% of all waste management facilities previously announced by the Minister of Environmental Protection), which will be able provide:
  1. Energy (e/e and heat obtained after combustion)
  2. Secondary raw materials
  3. Liquidation of old landfills
In the last 10 years, Ukrainian officials have promised a lot to solve the problem in the field of waste management, but as much as the servants of the people wished us, in these 2 days it cannot but please.
The adopted law "On waste management", which unblocked the reform in the field of waste management, gave the green light for practical implementation.
I would like to congratulate the entire community, officials and bureaucrats who did everything possible and impossible, myth breakers and just those involved.
There is still a little left - to see the result...