The purpose of this bill is to improve the provision of the state's defense capability during martial law, simplify licensing procedures and regulation and accelerate the restoration of the infrastructure and economy of Ukraine, return to a normal state of life of Ukrainian citizens after the end of the war.

What does it imply:

  • regulates the concept of restoration work, the timing and content of measures that must be carried out within such a (war) period, as well as the authority of the relevant body to decide on its start and end, which is currently absent in the legislation;
  • cancels the environmental impact assessment in the course of restoration work to eliminate the consequences of armed aggression and hostilities during martial law and during the recovery period after the end of hostilities;
  • Exclusively for the period of martial law, some restrictions defined by the Law of Ukraine "On the Fauna" are canceled in terms of performing a number of works during the period that limits them (from April 1 to June 15, the so-called "season of silence"), in particular , carrying out works and measures that are a source of increased noise, carrying out all types of logging, reclamation catching of bioresources.