Environmental activists launch campaign demanding closure of Kyiv utility company facebook.com/kekz.ua

Environmental activists launch campaign demanding closure of Kyiv utility company

Anna Velyka

They will also seek to open a criminal case against its leader

Representatives of the Kyiv Ecological and Cultural Center (KECC) have announced their intention to have the Pleso utility company shut down. They are convinced that the utility, which was created to protect the capital's water bodies, is actually systematically spoiling and destroying them.

The environmental activists announced this on the center's Facebook page.

Experts said that the Kyiv authorities have long been waging a fierce struggle against the environment and have created "several special municipal enterprises that specialize in destroying the nature of Kyiv." They called Pleso, which, in their opinion, is responsible for the destruction of Obolon Island, one of the most illustrative.

Representatives of the CECC filed a complaint with the prosecutor's office demanding that the management of Pleso, in particular its general director, Viacheslav Savytskyi, be brought to criminal responsibility. The activists also reminded the officials of the utility company of their inaction and incompetence regarding Lake Syne on Vynohradar, which, according to CECC experts, died because of it.

"In a normal European country, they would be asked with all severity for the dried up lake from KP "Pleso" (like, a whole lake in the city has disappeared!), but here in Kyiv, the authorities pretend that it does not concern them," KEKC was indignant.

According to research by the center's ecologists, every third lake in Kyiv is partially built up, every second one has been encroached upon by developers, and more than 40 reservoirs have been destroyed.

In their opinion, "Pleso" does practically nothing to protect Kyiv's water bodies, and its main goal is "to cut loot on the so-called "ennoblement" or glamorization." Activists also added the green bank in the Hydropark to the list of destroyed KP objects due to its concreting and barbaric demolition of trees.

"Therefore, the Kyiv Ecological and Cultural Center is starting a campaign to close the well-known corrupt and anti-environmental utility company Pleso," the activists concluded.

At the beginning of the year, EcoPolitic wrote about the fact that at the request of KECC ecologists police opened a criminal case for the destruction of part of the landscape reserve "Desnyanski Luky" by "Kyivvodokanal".