Why you shouldn't burn leaves, grass and weeds


With the onset of autumn, lovers of burning dry grass, weeds, leaves and branches become more active. In addition to the fact that it is harmful to nature and health, in Ukraine there are fines for burning grass, and in some cases even imprisonment. For burning dry grass and leaves, a fine ranges from 3,060 to 6,120 UAH. At the same time, for officials such a fine is much higher – from 15,300 to 21,420 UAH. If the burning took place on the territory of a natural reserve, then the fine for this is 6120 to 12240 UAH (for officials – from 21420 to 30600 UAH). For the destruction or damage of forests, green plantings around populated areas, along the railway, the heaviest fines are threatened – 90,000-150,000 UAH. If people die in a fire as a result of burning grass or leaves, they are punishable by two to five years in prison.