Anti-rating of regions of Ukraine by the number of communities where there are no protected areas

Every tenth community of Ukraine has no protected areas. Ukraine constantly declares its intention to increase the area of ​​the nature reserve fund. This is important both from the point of view of biodiversity conservation and from the point of view of human well-being. After all, a certain number of nature conservation areas are declared by state regulations and are part of the European integration requirements for Ukraine. However, the state's intentions often remain only intentions... Today, communities have freedom in solving cultural, social, land, environmental and other issues. Unfortunately, often the decisions made are not in favor of nature (we are talking about plowing up natural areas, transferring them for construction, etc.). And according to the experience of the "Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group", often communities, not supporting the creation of nature conservation areas, refuse to approve PZF objects. Because of this, much valuable nature remains in limbo: the process of creation has begun, but remains incomplete.