Odious Lviv businessman has a hidden villa in a protected forest

Odious Lviv businessman has a hidden villa in a protected forest

Katerina Belousova

21 hectares of the Lviv forest farm were seized from the Hrynevych family

The family of scandalous Lviv businessman Ihor Hrynevych, who is under investigation, has found an illegal 600-square-meter mansion with a swimming pool in the middle of a forest that is partly on protected land.

Also, a road was illegally built through the forest, Lviv Deputy Mayor Lyubomyr Zubach reported on Facebook.

He emphasized that the city council did not issue any construction permits. The Lviv City Council learned about the self-built villa in the middle of the forest after a journalist's request.

"The pool is where the gardens should be. A mansion with its yard on the land of the nature reserve fund. Capture of two communal plots. That arbitrary road through the forest. And, of course, without any permission. Well, from the LMR structures, for sure," the official said.

Zubach noted that the Hrynevych family seized and privatized 26 hectares of the green zone, including land for gardening, communal land, as well as the territory of the forest farm and the nature reserve fund.

He added that there is no city road in the forest and these areas could only be reached on foot. However, for construction, a road is necessary, which was cut right in the middle of the forest. The updated zoning of some plots allows the construction of a house, but the building regulations stipulate a mandatory one entrance for the fire department or ambulance.

"Approximately 21 acres are all seized state lands of the Lviv Forest Farm." That is, it is the forest and land of the nature reserve fund, on which you cannot do anything – except pick mushrooms. But definitely don't cut down trees to build a fence or build a road. But this is exactly what the Hrynkevich family did. By the way, the seizure of state-owned lands is a criminal responsibility," Zubach emphasized.

Earlier, EcoPolitic wrote, that in Odesa region, judge Oleg Tsyselskyi was suspected of prolonging a corrupt case regarding the construction of a sandbank on the coast of the national natural park "Tuzlivski Lymani".

As EcoPolitic reported earlier, 50 trees were illegally cut down in a forest park in Kharkiv for the illegal construction of a private estate. The police opened criminal proceedings against unidentified officials.